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Are you in an area where it's difficult to get broadband? We have managed to get broadband for people in areas such as this and although we can't guarantee a connection we will do our best for you.
Due to our extensive experience with broadband technology, we can advise you on the variety of providers and options you have when selecting your broadband package. There many packages out there and they all seem to provide the same service! But they are all slightly different whether by download speeds or level of customer care services.

Most customer care numbers are premium rate numbers!

Which one would suit you the best?

Let us help you make an INFORMED choice before you agree to a 12 month contract! We constantly monitor and evaluate to see who provides a good service and value for money. For the latest broadband deals give us a call.

If you have never thought about whether your broadband connection is secure, then you should be! A permanently 'on' connection like broadband requires the minimum of a personal firewall which protects your computer from malicious people wanting to hack your computer. Also you will need Virus and anti spyware protection. We can install and configure the required software to help protect your PC while it's online.

Call us now to set up and configure your broadband access for a trouble and worry free installation.