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Is your computer running slow? Are weird things happening? You might have a virus or spyware.
Do you remember all those really cool free software programs, screensavers, games and "peer to peer" file sharing applications you or your children downloaded from the internet on free download sites.... WELL.... you might have downloaded a whole lot more than you bargained for! Not only that, but simple web surfing can infect your computer with a host of unwanted adware and spyware!

Many consumers wonder what spyware is and what it does. Spyware programs are small applications that can get installed on your computer without your knowledge. These spyware programs can get installed either by downloading innocent looking software programs that include them or through ActiveX controls hidden within the source code of participating web sites or pop-up advertisements while you surf the internet. These bundled programs and ActiveX controls can install a wide range of unwanted software onto a users computer.

At best they cause your pc to slow down slightly, at worst they take note of your passwords and bank details while your online and pass them back to someone else somewhere in the world for them to use or SELL!

We can help.

Our engineers are experts at detecting and removing spyware and can help bring your computer back to speed.